AVS C4 Car Alarm

AVS C4 Certified Car Alarm & Immobiliser

Ultrasonic sensor with adjustable sensitivity, Battery back-up siren, OEM alarm detection, CAN feature control, Optional CAN REMOTE control for cost effective factory remote replacement.


AVS C4 Certified Car Alarm

Model: AVSC4
• Ultrasonic sensor with adjustable sensitivity
• Battery back-up siren
• OEM alarm detection
• CAN feature control
• Optional CAN REMOTE control for cost effective factory remote replacement
• Easy programming by PC with the USB CANCABLE
• Suitable for 12-volt CAN-Bus equipped vehicle installations
• EU certified
• 3-year product warranty – requires professional installation
• Can be upgraded to the AVS C5

AVS C4 Certified Car Alarm Installation

Our experienced team can work with you to supply and install car alarm and immobiliser to suit your needs and your budget. We can supply and install a range of certified car alarms and immobilisers as well as other accessories for your vehicle from a basic head unit and speaker system right through to amplifiers, audio processors and subwoofers and can supply you with pre made speaker boxes or we can custom build a speaker or subwoofer enclosure to suit your vehicle. We also provide a full custom installation service and can custom build amplifier racks, speaker pods and enclosures for a wide range of car audio products.

Additional Services

At Soundworks we don't just do car audio. We can supply and install a range of Parking sensor kits, Reversing mirror camera kits, Car alarms & vehicle security, GPS navigation & tracking, European FM radio conversions and European navigation conversions. We have over 20 years experience installing products in everything from Classic cars, Japanese imports, Commercial & recreational vehicles, to the latest luxury European and electric vehicles.